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Looking for stuff for PC. Will be adding more lots tonight. If trade is made and you are a established trader I will ship out tomorrow along with trades I've made in the past week or so. Also, I recycle toploaders (some may have stickers or tape), just giving you guys a heads up.
[Image: TuloLotFT001.jpg]
[Image: IchiroLotFT001.jpg]
[Image: CalRipkenLotFT001.jpg]
[Image: CalRipkenLotFT002.jpg]
[Image: LongoriaLotFT001.jpg]
WHat do you want for the Ichiros??!!?
(03-22-2012 09:04 PM)XichthusX Wrote: [ -> ]WHat do you want for the Ichiros??!!?

Sending you a PM...
offer sent
Check my ORG for any Ripkens or Ichis...LMK
check me for Tier One longoria purple......thanks
Arod and giants, I didn't see anything. Thanks though.
Will be adding more later...

[Image: GriffeyLotFT001.jpg]
[Image: BraunLotFT001.jpg]
check me
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