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Full Version: HOF GU FT - SCANS
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Looking to change these up a bit. Mainly looking for Bank, Musial,Koufax,Mays, Maris GU in return but open minded too. If you are willing to trade an auto, I would go in your favor ( Depnding on the card of course).

[Image: img012-1.jpg]
[Image: img003-2.jpg]
[Image: img003-1.jpg]
[Image: img196-8.jpg]
[Image: img157.jpg]
[Image: img103-3.jpg]

Also have these Non HOF GU available

[Image: img104-1.jpg]
[Image: img103-2.jpg]
[Image: img157-1.jpg]
[Image: lincecum.jpg]
[Image: img144-2.jpg]
[Image: img171-1.jpg]
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