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Yes I must be going crazy asking this but I am getting back into collecting Jose Canseco.

Looking for anything you have for trade. Would be great to get a few serial #'d cards and GU stuff too.

Let me know who has something
how bout barry bonds instead? i can easily help you out there... along with clemens, mcgwire and a couple other juicers Tongue
Open offer sent.
Offer Sent!
Offer sent....
Thanks for the trade
I have a few listed for trade
just curious what you currently have for Canseco... I have about 90 doubles of base/lesser inserts available for anything you have I need. Would trade in your favor.
If the Jose card I have listed on ebay dosen't sell I will trade you it.
Thanks guys for the offers.....Yes I am looking for anything right now....only have a small lot to start so trying to build it up. Still looking for more.
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