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I'm not trying to steal anyone's secrets here but what would you say is the best way to price a card in an auction? Is there a cetain percentage of the book price that I should start the bidding at? I'm not looking to get book price for every card because I understand that I'm not going to get a whole lot of sales. But then again, I don't want to start a card at $0.01, get one bidder, and end up losing out on potential money.

Any and all tips will help!

I guess it would depend on the player. I would just start out at .99 cents. I sold a few starting at that price and the lowest was just over 5 bucks and the highest over 30 bucks. Which is about where those cards would have sold if I would have done BIN.
my brother put up a jimmy graham and started it out at .99 cents. it sold for over 90 bucks. he said it was crazy, the last few min it just kept going up.
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