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First the PC mail day cards ...nothin major
[Image: b5d367f9.jpg]
[Image: 515fbbb8-1.jpg]
[Image: 28e2f67f.jpg]

Not that I'm complaining but I seem to find a lot of Victor Cruz cards in my commons ?!?!?
[Image: db09b6b9.jpg]
[Image: fd29b8f9.jpg]

And in the attic box ! ... some nice rookies ....

[Image: b787917b.jpg]
[Image: 0d70c898.jpg]

nothing major just some fun stuff Smile
That 1989 Traded set also has a nice Troy Aikman rookie (#70 in the set). Plus rookies of Jim Harbaugh, Andre Rison, and many more. I really like that set, even if it is a bit overproduced.
Yup they are all in there Smile ... these were just some of th players I liked Smile
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