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Need paypal guys for another deal. Bryce Harper Lot FS

Want to sell together

Please send me Offers. Everything is in ORG

1. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Red Retail - 9 of Them

2. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Silver Retail - 4 of Them

3. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Die Cut Refractor - #1, 2 of Them

4. Bruce Harper Bowman Chrome Die Cut - #1, 2 of Them

5. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome - BCP111 - 1 of Them

6. Bryce Harper Bowman - BP1, 1 of Them

7. Bryce Harper Bowman's Best - BBP51 , 1 of Them

8. Bryce Harper Upper Deck - USA-8, 1 of Them
Will add some bowman chrome randoms as well....don't have them in front of me, but they will be SER
I was thinking $49.95 DLVD
$39.95 DLVD? Any takers? I have 1 hour before i need to pay for another item, need to build up paypal
Can't believe I am doing this but I am desperate LOL

Need it within 15 minutes...$29.95 DLVD for all those Harpers above.
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