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Ah us Jets are so low key it's ridiculous!! I think there's a place for Sanchez and Tebow in our offense.

The situation, both of them in New York and under the media spotlight, certainly isn't the best.

I hope this works out for the organisation. All you can do is hope.
Trade is on hold due to some hidden money the Jets would have to pay that Elway tried to hide in the small print. Apparently around $5 mil. from what I've heard.

Quote:" ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the NFL has encountered "hangup language" that could nullify the Jets' trade for Tim Tebow.

Schefter doesn't have finite details, but the deal has not been approved by the NFL. Per Schefter, the Rams "could wind up getting back into play" if the trade is nixed. The Jaguars and Packers also had interest in Tebow. Stay tuned."
1 - I LOVE that Tebow photo!
2 - Jets brought in Tebow to help fix locker room problems
(03-21-2012 12:31 PM)all day baby Wrote: [ -> ]Holy Hit Batman!!! Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely from the NFL! That is really shocking. I AM glad the NFL took this seriously, but I'm surprised at how severe the punishment is.

That's the only thing that makes this worth stomaching. He is a cancer, and he needs to be removed permanently. He has cost a team a chance at a winning season, and a world of hurt. I'm just glad that the Rams fans will not have to suffer anything like this.
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