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per report, elsewhere

if he got a year, gregg williams is gone forever

from twitter:

Saints fined $500K and Sean payton suspended w/o pay for the 2012 season. Mickey Loomis suspended w/o pay for 8 games
yeah, FML
(03-21-2012 12:14 PM)brentboudreaux1 Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, FML
Had to be done. This probably takes away all the hard work and effort of the community and team to unite and comeback from Katrina and win the Super Bowl. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Lucky they didn't lose more draft picks, but loosing payton hurts alot.
indefinitely I was surprised to learn is not forever. So Im sure Williams will resurface eventually.
And I wonder if Brees will leave now...?
I must say, I have only lived in Atlanta for a few years now, and I don't have the same passion as most people here about the Saints. With that said, I like the Saints. I was pulling for them through the superbowl, but I was hopeing that they would suffer more. I think they should have lost a first rounder somewhere. To me, losing a first rounder is worst than losing two second rounders. But, that 500k us a lot too. Oh well.
Can't wait for all the "spygate was worse!" clowns to chime in.
Compaired to the punishment...Spygate = Parking violation.
(03-21-2012 02:02 PM)samiamryan Wrote: [ -> ]Compaired to the punishment...Spygate = Parking violation.

How? Pats lost a 1st rounder and more $$. I don't see any reason to think the Saints punishment was more severe or vice versa.
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