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For some reason I can't do a refined search through members trade lists. If I type something into the search field and hit enter nothing ever shows up. If I click on a team in the menu on the left it brings it up on the top left with a specified number of cards available with that team but does not bring them up in the list. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong lol. It takes waaaaaaay too long to sort through every card in a members org for me when I am looking to make a trade. HELP please!!!! Thanks in advance.
are you actually looking at their org or through the trade function?
also, some members have a crapton of cards and it takes forever for each page to load, i.e. ceocards has i think 25k cards, so every page i load of his takes sometimes up to 10 seconds. unlike someone like me that only has less than 2k, so things load pretty fast.
some browsers also have problems with the site. mb try a different one.
I'm looking through the trade function, I can see every card if I go through page by page but I don't have time to do that with the guys that have over 2000 cards in their trade.
make sure you type the names exactly correct. i know if you type in 'refractor' or 'prospect', any card that is named 'refractorS' or 'prospectS' wont show up. kinda weird but oh well.
One other annoying thing that seems to happen in your own Organizer as well as when looking through a traders list is that if you navigate away from the first page being shown and then try to search but the returned results are less than the page size you'll see 0. I know that's hard to follow so here's an example lol

I have 350 different items in one of my Organizer collections that I'm viewing with 100 items per page. I navigate to page 3 and then type in a search for an item that returns 10 items, rather than the site redirecting me back to page 1 of 1 for the 10 items, it will display page 3 of 1 and not show any items.

So, perhaps that's getting you to. When I search I always make sure I go back to page 1 first.
^i think that is exactly what I am doing. I will test that theory when I get home from work tonight. Never thought of that lol.
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