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Going to move to collecting one of each autograph of good players instead of tons of one player (Ripken) Check my ORG and make me an offer for Ripken Autographs.
check me and see if you like anything - I'll pick out a Ripken or 2 that match up
I have some autos in the org. I would be interested in anything Ripken so give me a look. Not sure if you are limiting your search to current stars etc. but I also have a nice Ackley Orange Ref Auto from finest I just pulled. LMK
trade sent, see what you can find for one or both
Hey man, did not really see much...
PM sent
(03-21-2012 03:32 PM)cmurphy342 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey man, did not really see much...

Was that to me or one of the other guys?
Other guy, have not looked at yours yet..I will tonight
Offer sent
Thanks for the trade man.
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