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Full Version: grading question
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Just trying to get an opinion ... without mentioning a player. If a card is worth around 15$ what would the same card generally be worth if it was a graded by Bectett @ a 9.5.... I know certain players will have more of a premium over others ... but Just need a general % increase.

Thanks in advance.
Too many factors involved. Could be 0% to 200%. Player, set, gradeability etc all factor in.
Non-expert... You can mark it up with what you invested and add 1/3 of the BV. Let us say BV is 9 and you invested 20 on the grading, so you can ask 32 for you BGS 9.5 in the open market. I agree, there are too many factors involved, so it is very hard to pin point a specific number and end up successful. Smile
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