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(03-21-2012 11:08 AM)usafshelland Wrote: [ -> ]True, but that card is not graded either...and there's two of them currently up.
This is another example of being fooled into thinking the grading a card instantly makes it better. Sure it graded a BGS9.5, but there are only 10 of the cards out there. So unless the others are all in horrible shape there is not going to be much if any premium paid for a graded version.
Right now I would expect the card to fetch $200-$250. However that could drastically as there are 3 players on the card which can effect value. Clausen is pretty much out of it, so unless he makes a comeback he doesn't add anything to the value. If Bradford can have a good year he definitely could add more value, however he could also take some value away if he doesn't do well. I think the key to the value on this card is Tebow. If Tebow signs with Jacksonville as a starter there will be a little more interest in his cards as he would be a hometown hero, and if he has similar magic to last year then the card could climb to $300. I just don't see too much more unless at least 2 of the players on the card both do very well.
Well, Tebow is a Jet now, so he won't be signing with Jacksonville any time soon. On top of that, he'll be backing up Sanchez except for specific packages. That being said, his fans are fanatic. He brings up the card's value, as does Bradford. Clausen kills it.

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