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Send open offers or check my profile for players I collect. All the cards are in team bags so any of the imperfections are from those.
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-36-35_229.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-40-34_984.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-47-17_733.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-59-50_11.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_19-00-17_394.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-50-31_30.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-53-58_79.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-51-01_760.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_18-54-59_82.jpg]
[Image: 2012-03-20_19-02-03_822.jpg]
interested in machando and moore bowman chrome.
You've only got 8 cards listed in your org.
Interested in the Hague, Chambers, and Wolter. Hoping we can work out a trade for at least one of them. Trying to collect as many autos from this set as possible.
Added a few more.
Bump with more updates
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