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Been wanting this for a few years, hard to find believe it or not. i saw one on ebay about 6-12 mos back, totally forgot to bid. But found this on photobucket in a fellow skins fans ft section and was finally able to pry it away tonight, should be here by the end of the week Smile

[Image: ultimatecp.jpg]
very nice
go skins
it's ok. for a redskin. just kidding, nice snag. low numbered, multi colored auto of a pc guy is always a good find.
Sweet, sweet card Haze!!!
nice! always good to find those tricky cards.
That is a SUPER NICE Clinton!!!!! HTTR
Wow nice pick up Bro ......Good things come to those who wait
I have an Unrivaled #126/999, if you have any saints you would like to trade. check my bucket too. I might have some stuff in there you might like.
Sweet card, haze!! Its always extra special when you find a pc need! Congrats!!
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