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i cant imagine there will be many of his autos, press pass or not, selling for 100 dollars, at least for a few months
Is Press Pass already out?
press pass is DOODOO but yes pretty cheap price.
never bought press pass so don't know if that is a good deal or not but nice
(03-20-2012 08:09 PM)xxbigjohn79xx Wrote: [ -> ]press pass is DOODOO but yes pretty cheap price.
You are soooo totally right. I'd much rather have a sticker autograph on a card from upper deck with an authentic "event worn memorabilia" swatch on it.

Press pass (IMO) is a very legitimate company that until they lost their license (like everyone else) put out some awesome sets.

Will anyone here bash their Legends series? Unbelievable product.

I hate their new stuff - but I'd rather buy on card autos than stupid stickers.
His hype won't be much higher if at all than Cam Newtons were this year. It will drop to $40 or so when all the new stuff comes out
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