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Last week I posted about starting a new PC of Owen Schmitt. Got a response from eric j that he had some extra Schmitt cards in his Seahawks collection that he could send me as freebies.

Received the cards yesterday and WOW!! I was totally blown away! A bunch of Schmitt RC's and Parallels and even an auto! The scan below just shows some of the cards he sent. This is a great start to my collection! I really appreciate it man!

[Image: Schmitt.jpg]
wow nice! I may have some sitting around too
(03-20-2012 11:47 AM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]wow nice! I may have some sitting around too

If you come across any, I'd definitely be interested in them!
come up with anything for our trade..
(03-20-2012 04:26 PM)hhh tgt Wrote: [ -> ]come up with anything for our trade..

Yeah. Just added a comment to it. Check it out and lmk. Thanks!
Wow, nice story and nice adds! Congrats!
Again, happy to help! I know I'm the "new guy" on the block, but I love sports cards and I love being able to help out when it is possible! I told Al I don't bust wax so I don't have much trade bait besides Hawks cards, but when it comes to Hawks cards, I have a bunch to share! I am VERY happy to have been able to help! I think it's people like myself that help make this hobby a lot more fun and a great place to hang out at!
awesome cards, al!! And way to be awesome eric j!! ery cool gesture!
Nice work Eric!
(03-20-2012 09:29 PM)aviat0rshades Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work Eric!

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