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I was on my work and thought I would stop by the lcs. Didn't really have the money but I could not resist buying a box of tribute, it was the last box he had and said he wasn't getting any more sooo..
Anyways I guess I did great ! Here are the hits. Will try to put up pics when I get home form work for you sorry.

1. Stan Musial auto /99 ( probably gone already)
2. World series swatches Steve Carlton /10
3. Duel relic blue chase Utley /50
4. Retired remnants Jim rice /99
5. Robinson cano relic Keeping it

And the big one is Yu Darvish auto redemtion ! I was bummed at first I had no idea who is he is until I looked on eBay and saw the price for one of thesemholy cow right !! At least now my wife is not going to kill me for buying this I am marking the relics ft here in a few so send offers if you want those. I think the Musial is traded already and darvish gone too. Thanks guys for looking, like I said I will post scans up in the morning when I get home.
Love to see the scans and the Musial.
Post the Darvish on the bay with a BIN OBO. When you get offers, take the highest offer and counter with an "off the bay" price. This way you sell the card and avoid seller's fees. As long as you use a Paypal invoice to show the buyer that you're legit, you should have no problems getting between $900-$1k. Just make sure you set a minimum offer, that way you don't have to waste your time with lowball offers.
awesome break man!!! send me a little mojo for my tribute box that should be here weds.
Nice pulls! Congrats!
Glad to see a little luck happens to a nice guy every now and then. I struck out but you hit a home run! Nice break.
you lucky dog......sell it now (Yu) can buy alot fishes (nimmo) Tongue
i think swanktank wants that Stan the Man auto
Congrats Jake! Very nice break!
Man, I would love the Musial. Congrats on the break!
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