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Full Version: Artifacts 11-12 Break
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This was my first ever box of Artifacts! I feel I did pretty well, and got a card that I consider to be one of the best in my young collection! That Lidstrom card, while it may not be super super rare, put a huge smile on my face. That's one I'll probably be keeping Tongue

I couldn't figure out how to post photos on this forum, so I put them in an album at imgur:

* Nicklas Lidstrom, Red Wings 10/10

Treasured Swatches
* Matt Duchene, Avalanche 19/35

Frozen Artifacts
* Rene Bourque, Flames 117/135

* Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks 87/99

Tundra Tandems
* Ribero/Ott, Stars 119/225

Rookie Redemption
* #Red-239, Colten Teubert, Oilers

Rookie Cards
* Jonathan Blum, Predators 293/999
* Shane Sims, Islanders – 180/999

Artifacts Star
* Ryan Getzlaf, Ducks 454/999

Hockey Legend
* Brian Leetch, Rangers 309/999

Base cards, and other personal notes on this break over at my blog, which is in my signature.
Just add [.IMG][./IMG] brackets around your jpg link (without the .)

as such: [.IMG][./IMG] and when we remove the . it gives this:

[Image: e1JVJ.jpg]

[Image: UKpX4.jpg]

[Image: HdnYk.jpg]

[Image: 1J3hO.jpg]

[Image: GJSnQ.jpg]

[Image: 16YjE.jpg]

[Image: 4hQaG.jpg]

[Image: OWOlq.jpg]

[Image: b2YQ7.jpg]
Sweet hits congrats
very nice cards congrats
Very nice box - like the Lidstrom - is it available?

I haven't seen too many bad boxes of Artifacts.

That Lidstrom is sweet! Not too bad with the Duchene, either. Nice job!
That Lidstrom is pretty darn sweet. I would love a shot at it, it would make a great center piece to my Lidstrom PC!

Nice box overall.
@cheatinc: Thank you for helping put the cards into this thread.

I'm leaning towards keeping the Lidstrom card for now, but I may consider trading it in the future. It is one of the first "bigger" pulls I've ever had, so I'm going to wait a little bit until the thrill of opening that pack wears off Tongue
Now that was a sweet box, nice hits all around.
LOVE the Lidstrom and would be interested in it. Have trade bait incoming with most of my stuff on my bucket.
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