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Just got home from the Chicago card show. My plan was to buy boxes of crown from various vendors, but I only found 2 guys selling them, one for $100 and one for only $89. Needless to say I bought all 5 boxes over a 3 hour span from the $89 vendor, and after the 2nd box the girl started giving me $5 off each box. So Crown for $84, how can you go wrong?? So here they are

Box 1:
[Image: cardsshow2.jpg]
Love it, started off with a Silhouette!

Box 2:
[Image: cardsshow1.jpg]
Not bad, but this was definately my least favorite of the 5 boxes

Box 3:
[Image: cardsshow3.jpg]
Price auto/jersey. I liked this cause I got to rub it in my buddys face thats a big price fan. I usually send me all my Mtl cards for free, but he's not gettin this one haha

Box 4:
[Image: cardsshow4.jpg]
Jamie Benn #/10 patch/auto. Love it!

Box 5:
[Image: cardsshow5.jpg]
I was do to land one of those terrible Voices of the Game cards, but its all good since it came with a M.A.Fluey #/50 Prime Jersey

There ya have it... 5 boxes of crown, $430 well spent. I wasnt disappointed with any of the boxes I bought. Still kicking myself for buying that Black Diamond the other day tho, cause that $100 coulda went towards another box of Crown.
Def can't go wrong with it for 89 and love the wings you pulled.
do you ever trade on here?
I did, but after posting the thread "Lets trade some base" it seemed to have upset a member that I had a trade thread open without anything in my ORG. It was then pointed out that against rules to trade without having anything in your ORG. And since I have no time to update this ORG thing, I guess Ill no longer be trading here since its apparently against policy & I dont want to upset any members on the site... No other members seemd to ever have a problem with this since they would just email me inquiring bout cards I would post pics of & offer $$$ or cards. Didnt think it was a big deal, since they didnt seem to have a problem with it.
you did well congrats
Sick shiloutte
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