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Full Version: Cracking Open The Box
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Starting to sort through my '50 and '51 Bowman's.

First look in 35 years-- Im gonna take them out of the plastic pages, and put into penny sleeves this weekend!

I need only 9 cards for the '50 set, and 35 for the '51.

Im still trying to get up to speed on Conditional Grading, but most have sharp corners, and no major dings.



AND '50 & '51 DUPES:

Nice vintage cards! I kinda like to have some for myself, good thing that Larry Bird has some cards considered to be vintage. The images/pictures look sharp!
Very nice cards!!! Thanks for the pics.
THANKS.. you must have noticed the '50 Ted Williams Top Center!
Not me but maybe Oljey. Sad
Boston... Bird, Williams!
I lived in Boston for 10 years-- '80-'90!
I see the Williams - Thanks Filamuraireborn. If it is FT would love to have a shot. Born and raised in the Boston area and a serious TW collector.
I want to live in MA. Not in CA.
I have lived in England almost five years now. Was lucky to live in Boston from 03 to 07 and went to game one of the 04 WS.
(03-18-2012 09:45 AM)filamuraireborn Wrote: [ -> ]I want to live in MA. Not in CA.
I see you are in the UK.
My wifes Dad was in The RAF.
We spend about a month each year in North London (Finchley)!
Coming over for the Queens Jubilee in June.
Gonna get some tix for Cricket at Lords (England vs Australia)!
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