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Full Version: Ladies of Racing PC
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Thinking about staring a Ladies of Racing PC. If they have raced in Nascar, Nationwide, Truck, or Drag Racing I wanna collect them. I know Danica and the Force Girls will be hard stuff to get and prolly older stuff will be hard to find but if you can think of other names lemme know. I can think of a few. Shirley Muldowney, Shawna Robinson,Johanna Long,of course Danika Patrick, The Force Girls. Lemme know if you can add to this list.
do you want base cards?
Mostley RU/AU, but ill take base too.
if you go base cards/parrallels. you have louise smith patty moise.

rising stars autographs there was a chrissy wallace, maryeve dufault,

also there are janet guthrie autographs

lyn st james has some base also i believe and fonty flock
Thatsa great Idea for a PC gonna be a chase and a hunt there are a bunch in Drag Racing
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