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I've opened 3 blasters, 6 loose packs and 4 rack packs so far. The base is adding up. Anyone have a list of needs? I'll check your lists to see what I have and get back to your with an offer if I have anything. Haven't bothered to enter anything yet in my org so mostly just looking to see what is needed then I'll enter stuff in my org. Haven't got anything too major, best card pulled so far has been a Ryan Zimmerman relic (only relic so far). Got a few inserts but not much, probably mostly just looking to thin out my base cards. LMK, thanks.
I need all the RC's but I'm going to be buying a couple blasters tonight so I'll let you know what I still need after I bust them open.
Cool. Good luck with the blasters. My lucks been terrible, I keep getting similar packs/boxes so my dupes keep piling up.
I want them all,haha. Check me

Just the base,no inserts Wink
Looking for edgar martinez, griffey and Felix hernandez
Dont think there is much Edgar Martinez or Griffey to be had, pretty sure I don't have anything for Felix Hernandez yet either. Best anything Mariner pulled so far is a Jesus Montero RC. @ yankeemike, give me sometime and I will work on entering my base, if you have any 2011 Heritage I'll swap some for my needs.
Hi -would be interested in Royals. thanks
I just made a thread for the heritage. I'll do a base for base if your building, otherwise check me to see if you want anything.
I'd be interested in any Tigers you have.
if anyone needs heritage base check out my org...just added in all of my dupes for trade...which is a lot so far.
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