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Need to find a few more Braves autos since I haven't been finding as many new ones as I would like thru the bay and trading. Here is a short list but I am open to any odd Braves autos and maybe better replacements to what I have. Also still looking for some letters. will post them also.
Joe Torre
Andres Galarraga
Kenny Lofton
Deion Sanders
Greg Maddux
Ryan Klesko
Dwight Smith
Kyle Davies
Derek Lowe
Bruce Sutter
Darrell Evans
Tom Glavine
Terry Pendelton
Fred McGriff
Kelly Johnson "By The Letter" "B" or "V"
Jeff Francoeur by the letter "B" or "V"

I will add to this list as I'm sure there are plenty more that I will think of. Bonuses to some of the harder ones especially the Maddux, D Sanders and Kenny Lofton, and a few of the other ones I have trouble finding. Thanks and I will keep this post updated.
Did you see the Pelicans are looking for a P.A. Announcer?
i have a couple jon gilmore autos. not a braves anymore but hes in a braves uni...
(03-16-2012 10:09 AM)bosoxfan1971 Wrote: [ -> ]Did you see the Pelicans are looking for a P.A. Announcer?

I can't bring myself to go to a Pelicans game now that they are not a Braves affiliate. Guess I'm gonna have to learn to be a Rangers fan also so I will go back sometimes.
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