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I use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Is anyone else having weird format issues with the menu at the top of the page (it's organized vertically instead of horizontally and pushes the important stuff down the page). Thanks

I use Firefox and I'm experiencing the same issue.
I had a few problems with it yesterday. I use firefox and it was doing what you are saying but everything has been fine for me all day today.
Try refreshing. seems like it fixes everything else on this site the last few months. lol
It happened to me once, but I just hit refresh and it corrected.
the problem seems to self-correct if I manually refresh every time I navigate to a new page. annoying
I am having the same issue, no matter what browser I use. Same here I'd I refresh a few times it fixes it. Very annoying !
.....and its running like a snail that lost his/her slime trail.
Give it time guys, they only just began the crossover at the start of 2011.
Hit F5 and mine corrected itself.
Mine's all over the place here at work. It's a show.
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