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Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you a 2 box hobby break of 2012 Topps Heritage! Woooo! Before we get to the scans, I will tell you i pulled 16 SP's (no doubles), a bunch of base with doubles and triples (figures) some inserts, refractors, and a very special surprise at the end. Check em out! I want to build the base set 1-500 so once they have everything listed, let the trading begin! These scans are the standouts if you will. These will mostly be for trade as well. Here we goooooooooooooooooo!

My box hits: (Definatly trading these as i don't care for MEM cards)
[Image: scan0001-3.jpg]

The first two are The 1963 buy back cards. The hernandez is out of 563 (chrome refractor), the rest are out of 1963 (chromes)
[Image: scan0002.jpg]

[Image: scan0003.jpg]

[Image: scan0004.jpg]

My first completed set.. The checklists! All 5 of em haha
[Image: scan0005.jpg]

And. My very first "redemption" card and what a win. So much win the internets might implode.
[Image: scan0006.jpg]

For me this is awesome since i don't buy a lot so i feel this was great. I don't know about the other variations yet so once iknow and f i have any i'll post em. Hopefully we can all get together and build these sets! Thanks for the look!

- Rob
very cool break! I'm looking to collect the mini sticker set. Please let me know if they're FT/FS
Yeah everything will be for trade on here. I would love to trade those buy backs for met ones.
Those Black & White Cards caught me offguard as I didn't espect them...then couldn't find them anywhere..they also have color variations of players so watch for that as well but nice break!
Nice break - Good looking cards and thanks for the pics.
That quarter will be real silver!
I love those new age performers cards...the sunburst gets me every time. If there's a card with a sunburst on it like that, i'm drawn in..
Yeah they are pretty awesome to look at. Also i'll do that redemption tonight when i get home. Giggity!
Really nice looking cards. Will pick a box or two later on the week.
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