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Busted some UD series two over the past few days.

Best of the bunch are these:

Bunch of Young Guns and inserts. Vet jersey cards were nothing speical unless some are short printed.

Rookie jerseys

[Image: 3-1-12068.jpg]
[Image: 3-1-12059.jpg]
[Image: 3-1-12058.jpg]

Best of the entire break were these two canvas cards:

[Image: 3-1-12057.jpg]

and in the final box I opened, the one canvas I hoped to pull:

[Image: 3-1-12069.jpg]
Nice stuff
Not that great of a break, but the good cards you hit were pretty good! Congrats!

I pulled the Landy Canvas in the 2nd pack of my first box Big Grin
Nicely done
Not to bad at all canvas pulls def helped out.
very nice congrats
nice break, if u r gonna trade the gardiner, lmk i would love to trade or buy it
not to bad
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