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I am down to just one letter on all 3 of these nameplates and would love to finish them by months end. I can pay if needed but money is tight so a trade is preferred.

2007 SP Authentic #137 Billy Butler AU/75 (RC) letter"T"

2009 Finest #152 Travis Snider AU EXCH letter "I" (there is question whether the I really was ever released)

I am thinking of grabbing 2009 Finest #136 Travis Snider as a filler card if you have one.

2009 SP Authentic By The Letter Signatures #MA Mike Aviles/500 *#{Letters spell Mike Aviles (each letter #'d/50) letter "S"

I'd really like to finish this Aviles since I acquired 3 of the letters this week already.

I'd give $20 to get that last Butler too, that's nearly BV.

Any help is appreciated.
Gonna keep this up for a while to get some views
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