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Hey , I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out and confirm whats coming out this month for hobby boxes , I herd a bunch of new Upper Deck products were coming out soon , I think the ( Upper Deck Game Used SP ) , ( Upper Deck SPX), ( Upper Deck SP Authentic) , Would anyone happen to know if these products are fore-sure coming out this month , And if so when do they come out ? , Thanks for your help , Kyle.
Take the original release date and usually add 3-4 months and thats when they are released. It's unfortunate but Upper Deck has been pretty poor at releasing products on time
Contenders in 2 weeks on the 28th.

All the SP stuff seems to be next month nowas well as Panini Elite.
here is a list from another site

Panini Contenders Mar ??
ITG Captain-C Mar 29
Panini Donruss Elite Mar ??
UD SP Game Used Apr 3 per UD FB
Panini Titanium Apr 4
UD SPx Apr 17 per UD FB
UD SP Authentic May 1 per UD FB
UD Ultimate Collection June 28
DA Cardworld is now listing their release date for Contenders as 4-25 which means the hobby shop release date is now 4-18

Elite is 3-26 ---3-19 for hobby shops

titanium 4-30--4-23 for hobby shops
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