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I myself have never seen these before. Looking for someone to drop some knowledge on me about these. From my understanding they are pretty rare pieces. Please if you have any information on these let me know.

THanks Richard

[Image: Scan2-3.jpg]

[Image: Scan3-5.jpg]

[Image: Scan4-3.jpg]
hope it's ok to post a link to SCD:
Not that rare but very cool.

Told you that in the other thread.
By the way, I'll take the Barry Pepper.

I've used this guy before:
I have seen these online auction before, don't sell very high, but would live the Maris for sure
Deja Vu!
These are awesome man. Very cool, thanks for sharing.
you have a chance to take a look at our trade?
Produced in 62 and 64.The 62's (7 records) are pretty hard to find.My boys are working on the 64 set (16 cards).Think they have 7 or 8 Unused so far including the Mantle and Maris.Nice piece of oddball stuff if you like collecting that
the ones i have are from 1962
Then they are the tougher ones.Only difference that I know of is the stat lines on the back.Both years say Sports Champions Inc 1962 but the stat lines on the back are 1961 and 1963.Nice pickup.
(03-13-2012 11:31 AM)rad_1205 Wrote: [ -> ]the ones i have are from 1962
There called play ball ....they are still out there...they are nice though
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