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Would love to buy any of these. Also would trade for them if possible.
2011 triple threads Freeman/Heyward booklet. Will pay $65-$70 for/ 50 , $85 for/ 25 and $90-$100 for the one numbered to 10. These are better than eBay prices as the last one numbered to 10 sold for $83.
any Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine Braves certified auto
Any Fred mcgriff Braves auto, will pay low BV on this.
Any Deion Sanders Braves certified auto. Will pay hi book value on this.
PM me or post what you have here and hopefully we can make a deal. Got around $150 to spend and would like to get at least 2 off this list.

Also trading for certain Braves autos, HOF autos and trade bait. Trading my football in your favor for baseball.
anyone tonight?
One more try!
There is a Deion on comc that's under BV. It's a $120 card though.
(03-13-2012 08:46 AM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]There is a Deion on comc that's under BV. It's a $120 card though.

Thanks Derek. I will check that out. They are so hard to come by. The Deion, Maddux and glavine have been hard to come by any deals. Gotta decide what to put good money down on now since I don't have but around $150 to play with.
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