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Traded for this a the LCS. Really happy to get it! I think it's in really good shape even with the rounded corners.

[Image: tedwil.jpg]
Great card and sweet trade !!! Thanks for the pic.
Very nice, that's a beautiful Ted!

I remember when I bought mine years ago. It's my only Williams card.
Very nice thatnks for sharing
What did you have to give up for it? Nice card by the way!
Thanks everyone! I traded about 6 mem and 6 autos from my fb collection that didn't mean anything to me. I was glad to get rid of them and glad to pick up this. It's my second Williams. I bought this one from the LCS a few months ago. It's the 56.

[Image: TedWilliamsFnB.jpg]
Just found out the 56 is a Grey back. They are less common than the whites. Nice surprise!
Great card. Congratulations on the pickup. Both '55 and '56 have a great design. One of my favorites sets of all time.
Nice cards!!
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