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Full Version: Lots for Trade SCANS
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Hey guys, I know that I've been low on trade bait, so I decided to load up all this stuff. Let me know if your interested, the more the better! Looking for Braves, Dustin Ackley, Brian Wilson, Ryan Zimmerman, and Ty Cobb too. I would also trade up for some GU/Auto trade bait if possible. Just let me know, thanks!


[Image: MomentsandMilestonesJeterfortrade.jpg]

[Image: Insertsfortrade2.jpg]

[Image: DiamondAnniversaryfortrade.jpg]

[Image: MomentsandMilestonesfortrade.jpg]

[Image: Insertsfortrade.jpg]

[Image: jeterinsertsfortrade.jpg]

[Image: oddballyankeesfortrade.jpg]

[Image: heritagechromefortrade.jpg]

[Image: bowmaninsertsfortrade.jpg]
sent open offer.
Check me for the pacquiao--thanks
Open offer sent.
All Responded to. Anyone else?
offer sent
Jeters gone
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