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Full Version: Saturday Mailday!
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A bunch of Magic needs and some DT's Big Grin

[Image: Mar10589.jpg]
[Image: Mar10590.jpg]
Great mailday manSmile Love the Rookie Gems that patch is rediculous!!!
Thank you sir! Love that patch myself Big Grin
Great pickups!! If you ever consider trading the Kellen Clemens auto please let me know!!
Thanks! Only way it goes is if the whole set goes. But I'll let you know if it does lol
Nice Doc, that dual is a killer
Thank you sir! Another one that was 3rd times a charm lol
Very nice mailday. Those pigskins are easier to find, the shipping is just the killer unless somebody sells abunch of them lol you and that other guy are gonna come down to looking for the same pigskin to finish ur sets.
Thanks! Yeah thats whats keeping me from picking up most lol I got all these off COMC so it wasnt too bad. They still have a bunch but I'm not paying 50% of book and over to get them. When it comes down to it I might but in the meantime I'll just try to trade for them lol
Sweet pickups D!!! I think that Appleseed stamp is cool Smile
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