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As the title says i'm looking to trade for Rickey Henderson cards or trade bait I can use to get Henderson cards.I will try to add more when I can.Thanks for looking.

(The Pujols 3D and Hamilton rookie have already been traded.I tried to mark them out but its not taking for some reason.)

[Image: Pic5.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2834.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2833.jpg][Image: Pic5-1.jpg][Image: Pic5-2.jpg][Image: Pic5-3.jpg][Image: Pic5-4.jpg]
Check me for that tebow rookie for my son, and the arod please. Thanks Jake
That Teahan looks like it needs a home in a Royals PC. Hmmm....I think I have one. You better check me, i may be able to help you out.
I have a high end Triple Threads combo card with Rickey on it in my org. Looking for high end Bonds in return if you have any.
Offers sent - Jakelovescards & dbroockerd

snakebit95 - I would love to get the card but dont have any highend stuff at this moment.
Do you need a Henderson Rookie?
[Image: scan0010-5.jpg]
radarblip - I have 3 but I would love to have as many as I can get.What I have showing is pretty much all my auto and game used.About the best I would be able to do would be card lots.
You know I have them, keep an eye out for something on my list. Maybe we can do something soon...Mel
I'm new, but where is your want list for Ricky H.? I would like to help you out!!
XichthusX - I will take any and all Hendersons.Have over 3000 right now and not sure how many are not dupes.Hehe.
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