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Saw a pack of lying around at a card shop and couldn't resist. Safe to say this was my first but certainly not my last pack of Nascar.

[Image: image.jpg]

Card is available for sale or for trade. Trade would be high end Basketball or Hockey.

HOLY COW!!! Awesome!!! I keep saying, nascar stuff has HUGE pull value... Wow!
Too bad its Kryle, lol. JK man that is awesome!!
How much are the hobby packs? Are they in boxes like retail? Thinking about finding some with how nice these all look!

I think they're like $25. I think boxes are 5 packs and $125....Something like that.

I would think you can find them cheaper...
Yea my pack was $25. Not a bad investment for me.

Nice pull, funny choice of words that they used, take off the "s" and it fits Kyle Smile. On a serious note, I should finally be buying a box of TM sometime next week. I will let everyone know what I get and what will be for trade.

lol "tool" thats funny
Super sweet!!! TM is a great product.
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