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I told you I had a big announcement for my Ricky PC, and the time has finally come!!

As many of you know, I sold my Ricky PC to a guy in California. He bought it all as a giant lot and part of the deal was that I helped him continue to build it. A year or so ago, he told me he wanted to sell it all off and I was crushed! Well, Ricky's prices were pretty bad and he decided he'd rather keep it than sell it off in little pieces.

Unfortunately for him, he just remodeled the house and didn't have room to keep the cards any longer... so... guess what just came back home???

[Image: 1331174090.jpg]

My entire, original Ricky PC!!! IT'S BACK!!!!!

I'll be merging it with my personal cards that weren't a part of the joint collection and scanning will commence.

Right after I finish moving. Wink

You ready Chad???
awesome!!! it is back home where it belongs...
That is one giant box lol is it really filled with rickys?
have fun Smile
Just slightly!!!!!! hahaha...cant wait to see the awesomeness and to see if you have the 2003 spx I sold years back!!!
did you get it for less than you sold it?
Like Smile
Congratulations, that is awesome.
Wooooo HOooooooo Congrats!
Oh Lord i cant believe it!..i need to go this is gonna be good
Congrats my dear!
Very cool congrats.
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