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Full Version: Mantle chase
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i was fishing thru the bay and saw these boxes that had old packs.
just wondering has anyone tried these boxes and is it worth trying?
were they tristar? i think thats who your talking about
im not sure who made these boxes.....just seen it and i think its sold out.....the feebacks the seller recieved are good.....not one complaint.....some left a neutral FB
Well they put one 1952 topps pack I am sure and there is no promises that there will be a Mantle in there. There just telling you theres a chance to get a 1952 Topps supposed Unopened pack and you could pull the Mantle card from that pack. I will tell you I bought 3 boxes in 3 different years and all I recieved was junk as I beleive my oldest pack was 1988 Topps and it had nothing but commons in there.
ok thanks for the heads up.......was going to take a chance Smile
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