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Full Version: New Guy Here!
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Hey Guys,

I'm new here and looking for fellow baseball fans who want to trade and talk baseball! I started a trade list and would love feedback and help since this is all new to me. I'm mostly into the Japanese ball players and the Cincy Reds! Aside from that looking forward to the season and making new friends on here. PLease let me know if I need to improve my list and what I can do to make it more interesting.

The Reds look to be very good this year now that Prince Albert and Little Cecil Fielder are gone out of the Central!!!
I see nothing at the moment for trade in your org. Did you mark the "have" and the "trade away"?
Welcome to the site. Lots of great traders and fans of the game here!
can't make any trades until you load cards into your org.

welcome to the site
you have to load your cards into your org and pay for it in order to trade here. If you have any questions feel free to message me , welcome to the boards
WOW!! Thank you guys so much for the warm welcome! ANyone watchin Spring Training?
welcome to beckett and i'm sure you'll have fun here. baseball is so active!
BTW.... I did transfer them over to trade away! I put a $1.00 for trade value, but I'm more interested in just seeing what the other person has to make a fair trade than a money value on it.....Does that make sense.
If it in the trade away column it shouldn't ask for a price, just a quantity for trade. You sure your not under the sell column?
you have to have similar quantities for both the have and trade away.
it may be greater on the trade away but you gotta at least put a number on the have.
finally, fair trade offer or fair counter offer is always a good deal for anyone.
good luck on your future trades.
Again thank you so much guys. If you guys can see my stuff let me know. I think I'm good now, but who knows.

Anyone gone to Spring Training or plan to on goiing!?!?
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