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Came up with some extra card cash today... it has been awhile since the last time I won (kinda) big at the casino.. thought I'd take $200 & see what brings home.. walked out with little over $2K... so, with this pocket change.. I ended up depositing in the bank... then submitted my preorder for a case of PREFERRED... 10 boxes, 30 autos... wish me luck!!

ships on 3/21/12... I should receive my package 3 days afterwards..
Goodluck bro you should get some serious "mojo" from that product!! Im about to pre order a case of leaf so im prolly just as pumped as you lol
Good luck!
Good luck, hopefully with 30 autos you won't get all scrubs then.
good luck, theres some good looking patch autos in this set!!!!!
dang, getting 2g's out of the sino is pretty good
ah the good ol days when I won a ton of money at the casino playing Blackjack of all games. Hopefully that luck will continue on to your case break.

Good luck.
Good luck! Was just looking at the cards and the Crown Royale Silhouttes look awesome!!
Lucky money buys lucky cards? Good luck.
can't wait.. hopefully, no redemptions.. that would be a bust!!

ya. $2K is the biggest payout I've won in a long time.. I don't gamble too often, except Mega Lottery, which I lost $10 last night. oh well, another chance on Friday..

I sent 6 months traveling around South America with the Navy this past summer. I got out of the Navy this past OCT. I seen a lot of Sailors winning huge at the casinos on black jack in Chile.. One of my friends brought home nearly $60K US. He won big once!! then flipped it for bigger payouts.. crazy.. he gave me a bottle of wine for watching him.. while I lost my $300 at each casino..
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