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Full Version: Thousands To Trade!!
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I have recently added thousands of cards to My Organize, and almost all I'm willing to trade! I have Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Racing, Non-Sport, YuGiOh, etc. Check it out and if you see anything you're interested in, shoot me a message!

I will be adding cards almost daily so keep checking back! Thanks for looking!!
at the moment you have 3 cards showing for trade
u have to put a 1 in the "trade away " column in order to mark the rest for trade
I have seen 209 with most of them being 1991 Upper Deck not going to get a bunch of people to jump on those cards.
If you sifting through cards, let me know what you have for Dustin Pedroia and if I need them I'll look to trade with you. (add them to the org for trade first please)
Interested in any Verlanders you might have
i see you got the hang of it. Welcome to trading. if you have any longorias or mark sanchez let me know. And feel free to pm me if you need any help with the site
Just learning how to use the site. Adding cards to 'trade' now. I have much more than what is on there right now. I will continue to add throughout the days. Thank you for your patience and advice.
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