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Reorganized my graded card display shelf last night. It was built for me as a gift from my father after he got some fancy wood grooving tool. I had given him the specs for one of them Ebay graded cases and he made me one minus the door and glass, plus made it longer.

[Image: 2012-03-06_03-05-09_235.jpg]

Try as I might, I cannot get a good picture of the whole thing without the glare from the light causing havoc.

Also on the far right of the first few rows I have a few non graded cards as well: 2011 Topps Inception Newton/Ingram Auto, in person Devery Henderson auto, Drew Brees auto, 2 x Jose Canseco autos, Tom Dempsy auto, and Frank Thomas auto. The Henderson, Brees, Cansecos, and Thomas I want to eventually JSA authenticate and protect.
Nice case, but that Griffey Upper Deck RC belongs on the top row Smile
It'll probably be on the top row next week. I'm constantly reorganizing it and no one visits to see Sad

I have a stash in the closet that could fill another shelf but room is an issue for now. Plus the old man got a new gig that keeps him away from his woodwork for extensive amounts of time. Then transporting it from his place to my place. Etc..
Looks so neat and nerdy. Big Grin
Seriously though, you have a very nice display case.
Looks pretty nice Smile
nice display case can your father make me one too!
Even if he'd agree to it, he'd probably want to be paid, I'm pretty sure they'd kill you on shipping if I could get him to agree to it at a reasonable priceSmile
yea thats true can you send me the dimensions to it i think i can build it!
(03-06-2012 03:47 PM)y2hood Wrote: [ -> ]I'm constantly reorganizing it and no one visits to see Sad
Exterminator came by today and he went in the man cave. I was excited, someone to show my stuff off too! I said, "How'd you like my man cave?" He says, "oh yeah, I saw all your little cards in there..."

All of my "little cards" ?????? HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY TREASURE!!!

Quote:can you send me the dimensions to it i think i can build it!

yes! At the office right now, get off in a few hours and will measure it for you.
68 inches high x 36 inches wide x 4 inches deep. Each shelf is one inch thick and is 7 inches from the next shelf.

At the top and bottom is an 8 inch border for a "title" or some such but nothing catchy ever occurred to us.
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