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Not a high end selection here but checking to see what,if any,Henderson cards I can get for these.Thanks for looking.

[Image: IMG_2833.jpg][Image: IMG_2834.jpg][Image: IMG_2838.jpg]
I have a 2011 Topps Update SP. I like that Ichiro, but it isn't in your org. LMK.
Sent an offer of some Ricky's I have along with what I'm interested in on your end. By the way that 1/1 Ricky Sterling Auto is freakin' sweet.
jdberia - I dont know why the Ichiro isnt showing.I have it marked.I will try to update it a see.

kata78 - Thank you.I wish I still had the card.Fell on hard times and had to sell it.Checking your offer.Thank you.
Do you still have the Felix GU?
markmulder20, sure do. Just let me know what Hendersons you have.
Do you still have the Maury Wills auto that's pictured in your bucket?
markmulder20 - Sorry dont have the Willis auto any more.I have to clean up my org. and my bucket.

I must add that the only cards I know I have are in my baseball for trade folder.Other than that I can not say if I still have those or not.Still working on getting my org lined out.
LMK on the offer I made. I can get it packaged and sent out quick.
Sorry for losing the cards in my org but I had to clean it out and start all over.I added the cards pictured back to my org and will add more later.Thanks and sorry again.
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