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way back in 1998 i pulled this auto of juan marichal right out of a pack of sports illustrated. it's not marked as an official auto, it's not listed in beckett anywhere and everyone i have ever asked about it doesn't know anything. does anyone know anything about this card? is it a real auto or a facsimile? did fleer/skybox have marichal sign back then for other products and this could be real. if anyone knows anything your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
until i find out something about the card it's not for trade. here is a scan of it;
[Image: Scan-19-1.jpg]
it looks legit.....never seen a card like that before
hopefully a fresh set of eyes see this.
i want it if its for trade
once i find out something about it i'll give you first crack at it.
(03-05-2012 02:57 PM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]i want it if its for trade
another time up
so whats the news on that card (update) ?
Best bets are, that is a IP/TTM but its possible it was in the pile of cards to sign. They wouldn't known any better and just signed it. Without a COA its value is speculative and would probably never generate anything more than an Authentic grading.
I don't think its a legit pull. I am not saying you didn't pull it but it wasn't likely supposed to be there. Maybe slipped in a pack by accident.
i guess the best explanation is that he signed it and it accidentally got into a pack. because I DEFINITELY PULLED IT FROM A PACK. well, unless i get in touch with former fleer/skybox executives with paperwork the best it can ever be is an authentic on card auto. thanks for the input. i think i'll send it out to get authenticated.
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