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Full Version: Trade Thread---Scans
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Looking mainly to move this stuff for Stan Musial or Starlin Castro stuff, will listen to other offers as well though.

[Image: YoungGunsTripleThreads.jpg]

[Image: RyanBraunTripleThreads.jpg]

[Image: PrinceFielderTripleThreads.jpg]

[Image: JoeyVottoTripleThreads.jpg]

[Image: Griffey-1.jpg]

[Image: ClaytonKershawTitanicThreads.jpg]

[Image: BrooksRobinson.jpg]

[Image: AlbertBelleauto.jpg]

[Image: Reyes.jpg]

Let me know if you see anything you like! If you're interested in the Griffey, it's going to have to be pretty good, it's the only one I have Smile
Thanks for looking and let me know!
BTW......your card should get there by wednesday from our past trade
Belle is gone. Anyone else??
interested in a couple things.. im sure i have some castro for you
Looking to make some trades still. Will trade in your favor for Musial or Castro.
Have the Musial retired Numbers...would be interested? I'm interested in the Braun...LMK.
check me for the griffey
If your stil interested in that Pujols, I like the Griffey.
I like the Votto. I have a Musial Historic Stitches in my bucket. LMK
I wish I had something for that Griffey. Some nice cards there. Hope you get what you need.
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