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like the tital seys im trying to trade my baseball for football i figure im so poor to collect all 3 sports so imma keep it to denverbroncos and syracuse basketball players lemme know what u have will consider trade bait if ur interested and will bundle all rookies for couple nice cards
offer sent
I have this if your interested.Not what value to put on it but I will add it to my org if you want to trade.
[Image: IMG_2835.jpg]

Sorry forgot to post the card.
sorry mpc i actually have the same card graded the same way but thanks for the offer
No prob.Thinking of getting out of football for the most part.I find anything else that might interest ya I will post them.
I got some football to trade if you want to check me for a possible trade.
ok mpc i also look for trade bait and eagles for my buddy
interested in calvin johnson patch (3clr) ? i have 2 cards of this
upski bring me broncos . checking above orgs will send open offer if interested
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