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I pulled this from a 2009 VIP Blaster from Meijers but I cant find it in the OPG. The OPG says the one from 2009 is seriel numbered out of 10 and this is clearly seriel numbered to 25.....

[Image: 0302122006.jpg]

[Image: 0302122007.jpg]
No help at all?
You pulled that from a blaster. That's awesome! My guess is Beckett's OPG is wrong. Is it FT?
It might be but I didnt see anything in your org that I would be interested in for it.
There is a listing for 2009 PP Signings blue #32 which is serial # to 10 - It looks like the card you have.
But the one I have is seriel numbered 20/25
There is 2009 PP premium signatures gold serial #25.
Its clearly blue, b/c I pulled a purple out of another blaster and it was listed right.
There is one from 2008 but there isnt a pic of it.
I wish beckett would list stuff right.
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