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Just like the title says. UPS dropped off 5 boxes of the Topps Magic Rookies that were on sale over the weekend and 3 boxes of Certified. Just got home from work so I'm going to get comfortable and grab a drink and start ripping. I'll post results as I go.
Magic Box #1

Cecil Shorts III
Bilal Powell
Greg Little
Da'Quan Bowers
Derrick Locke
Shane Vereen
Taiwan Jones
Corey Liuget

[Image: IMAG0155.jpg]

Pulled the pack out of the box to see the back of Cam staring at me, got a little excited hoping for it to be the auto but no such luck.
Certified Box #1 - First 5 packs

Freshman Fabric /299 Christian Ponder
Freshman Fabric /499 Julio Jones
Gold Team /999 Troy Polamalu
Shirt Off My Back /250 Taiwan Jones
Mirror Red /250 Josh Freeman
Mirror Red /250 Dwight Freeney

[Image: IMAG0156.jpg]

Christian Ponder was my first pack, so I got off to a good start. Other half of the box should be pretty boring though with 3 of the 4 hits gone.
Great start to that Certified box with the Ponder AND Julio!
Certified Box #1 - Second 5 packs

Mirror Red Signatures /250 Tyrod Taylor
RC /999 Ricky Stanzi
Certified Potential /999 Marcell Dareus
Certified Potential Materials /250 Leonard Hankerson
Mirror Red /250 Sam Bradford
RC /999 Dontay Moch

[Image: IMAG0157.jpg]

Seems like a good box. Ponder and Jones, an extra hit and a Chiefs rookie.
(03-01-2012 05:26 PM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]Great start to that Certified box with the Ponder AND Julio!
I was certainly happy. I expected nothing after hitting Ponder so Jones a couple packs later was nice to see.

Magic Box #2

Jabaal Sheard
Cameron Jordan
Aaron Williams
Tandon Doss
Aldon Smith
Muhammad Wilkerson
Mikel Leshoure
Owen Marecic

[Image: IMAG0158.jpg]

I have no idea who half these guys even are. At least I got a Chief, and I've actually heard of JJ Watt, so that's something.
Nice Watt!
Certified Box #2 - First 5 packs

Fabric of the Game Team Die Cut Prime /10 Ken Anderson
Mirror Red Signatures /250 Dwayne Harris
RC /999 Aldon Smith
Certified Potential /250 Randall Cobb
Gold Team /999 Adrian Peterson
Mirror Red /250 Matt Cassel

[Image: IMAG0159.jpg]

No where near as good a start as the last box. For a Prime /10 it would have been nice to see some color on the Anderson too.
Certified Box #2 - Second 5 packs

RC /999 Kelvin Sheppard
Freshman Fabric /499 Von Miller Redemption
Certified Potential /999 Jerrel Jernigan
Mirror Gold /25 Paul Posluszny
RC /999 Brandon Harris

Boring second half. Von Miller is nice but pulling a redemption isn't exactly exciting.
Magic Box #3

Jamie Harper
Leonard Hankerson
Terrelle Pryor
Doug Baldwin
Patrick Peterson
Adrian Clayborn
DJ Williams
Greg Salas

[Image: IMAG0160.jpg]

More unknowns.
Magic Box #4

Rob Housler
Niles Paul
Mike McNeill
Ryan Kerrigan
Terrell McClain
Adrian Clayborn
DJ Williams
Greg Salas
Aldon Smith

[Image: IMAG0161.jpg]

That's more like it. The Little is a good looking card. I like Magic anyway, but the black really makes it sharp.
Magic Box #5

Aaron Williams
Tandon Doss
Da'rel Scott
Darren Evans
Greg Jones
Mark Herzlich
Kendall Hunter
Shane Vereen

[Image: IMAG0162.jpg]

That does it for the Magic. One more box of Certified to go.
Certified Box #3 - First 5 packs

Mirror Emerald Signatures /5 Niles Paul
Fabric of the Game Team Die Cut Prime /10 John Hadl
Certified Potential /999 Randall Cobb
Mirror Red /250 Jason Snelling
Freshman Fabric /499 Marcell Dareus

[Image: IMAG0163.jpg]
Certified Box #3 - Second 5 packs

RC /999 Dontay Moch
Certified Potential /999 Marcell Dareus
Shirt Off My Back /250 Stevan Ridley
Mirror Red /250 Chris Cooley
RC /999 Cameron Heyward
RC /999 Owen Marecic

Pretty bad finish, nothing even worth taking a picture. The Ridley jersey is just white.

That wraps up the break too. I feel like I didn't do too bad overall. Nothing much for my PC, but I got a few decent hits to trade. Everything is available just as soon as I figure out how to trade on here.
interested in the emerald auto, what would it take to get it?
Would love a shot at the Greg Little, who do you collect? Send me a message or respond here
Check out the stickies in the trade forum for help...interested in that Watt auto
Not amazing, not horrible. chibearsboy might be interested in that Hadl team die-cut. Check him out.
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