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Many of you know I won this Tyrell Jenkins 1/1 a few days ago on the bay and many of you said I overpaid for it.

Well, it's the first 1/1 for my PC guy and it's in my hands. So it's all good. I was a little disappointed in the shipping method as the seller put it in an oversized toploader (probably 100 pt) with no penny sleeve. He did put it in a team bag, though.

But it did get to me and now it's going in my PC to stay. Here it is:

[Image: TyrellJenkinsPP.jpg]
Very nice, I'm working on trying to get my first 1/1 for my PC now
Hey as long as you like it thats all that matters, Im sure I over pay for things too but for my PC I dont so much care haha. My first 1/1 was a ecstein Plate. Now I have to try and get one of Ozzie muhahaha(evil Laugh) Hopefully a casino decides to pay me..........Probably better off saving my lunch money ha.
I love it ! Who cares if others think you over paid, I get told the same thing all the time, price in the eye of the beholder !,and the beholders wallet It is awesome I was hopeing mine would be here today, but sadly it is not. Thanks for sharing it with us man.
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