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Looking to either trade for or buy 2011 Contenders autos of Andy Dalton and Von Miller. I've already picked up my Newton via box break and my A.J. Green via e-bay for $50. Help me finish up my two other must have Contenders Autos.

have 2 of these
[Image: 2012-02-24_16-19-57_117.jpg]
(03-01-2012 05:48 AM)rs20 Wrote: [ -> ]have 2 of these
[Image: 2012-02-24_16-19-57_117.jpg]

Sounds good, what's your asking price?
Dalton CHECK! Smile Thanks RS20! Still hunting for that elusive Von Miller contenders redemption... i mean c'mon, it's a redemption... you don't want it. Wink
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