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I broke a couple of boxes of American Pie and think I did alright, of course it could always be better.

[Image: File1.jpg]

[Image: File2.jpg]

[Image: File-1.jpg]

[Image: File3-1.jpg]

[Image: File4.jpg]

[Image: File.jpg]

[Image: File3.jpg]
It makes me sad on all sorts of levels that Kato Kaelin is described as an "actor"

Incidentially, I got a blaster box of this and pulled a Kato Kaelin relic. Then I bought a hobby box and got an even worse memorabilia card:

Gilbert Gottfried

Seriously, a card from a guy famous for being annoying was one of the "hits"

At least you got two autographs - I got no autographs with the best hit being a manufactured relic (at least it was Lucille Ball - the other was a Mickey Rooney relic).

I liked the general cards though, but the "hits" were atrocious

Although my local card shop may or may not still have a Grassy Knoll memorabilia card for sale which is makes me laugh every time I see it (not enough to pay asking price, but after seeing that and seeing what I got (okay, the Kato Kaelin kind of makes me laugh as well) I though it was a disappointment.
Yeah, Kato being listed as an actor is a joke. I busted another hobby today, got a Gilbert Gottfried as well, no AU, but I was happy with the coin. Pics are below.

[Image: File8-1.jpg]

[Image: File9-1.jpg]

[Image: File-2.jpg]
I'm interested in the Walt Disney coin.
(03-07-2012 11:17 PM)oljey Wrote: [ -> ]I'm interested in the Walt Disney coin.
Sent you an offer.
wish i had something for the john wayne
(03-08-2012 04:30 PM)ben625 Wrote: [ -> ]wish i had something for the john wayne
I checked you, but didn't see anything.
not to bad
Interested in the Dean Cain!
(03-30-2012 02:11 PM)DMentdEntertainment Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Dean Cain!
Offer sent.
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